JapanesePod101 Lifetime Premium Account

JapanesePod101 Lifetime Premium Account

The well-kept secret of nabbing JapanesePod101’s lifetime Premium account is out. If you have been wanting to start learning to speak Japanese with one of the highest-rated Japanese language programs, now is the best time. You can save loads of money while learning all things Japanese on your own time.

How to get a Lifetime Premium Account

Click the link below to choose which lifetime account is right for you. Upon signing up, you will receive unlimited access to the largest lesson library for learning the Japanese language. You will also receive a direct line to your personal customer service representative— a feature unheard of in most monthly subscription programs.

What is the cost of a JapanesePod101 Lifetime Account?

The one-time $599 cost of a JapanesePod101 lifetime account can save you hundreds of dollars over a monthly subscription plan if you are a serious user. Let’s face it, we all get busy. If you are paying monthly for your subscription and do not find the time to use it, you might feel like you’re throwing your money away. With a lifetime subscription, you don’t have to stress over losing money when you don’t have the time to study.

Get a Lifetime Premium Account for 1, 3, or All 34 Languages

If learning more than one extra language is your goal, Innovative Languages’ Pod101 Premium lifetime account has you covered. As mentioned, a JapanesePod101 Lifetime Premium account is $599. You can choose lifetime access to two more—for a total of three—Pod101 languages for a one-time payment of $999.

Perhaps your business or personal ventures require some knowledge of many different foreign languages. In this case, you can purchase lifetime access to all Pod101 languages—a total of 34—for a one-time payment of $1499. A few of these languages include Dutch, German, Norwegian, Cantonese and Korean. This is the best deal yet and allows you the most flexibility in learning.

JapanesePod101 Lifetime Premium Account Discount

There are no additional discounts available off the cost of the JapanesePod101 Lifetime Premium account. However, if you were to study Japanese for five years—a minimal amount of time recommended for intermediate fluency—at a monthly Premium subscription cost of $25, you will save 60% by purchasing lifetime membership for $599.

Your savings increase when you sign up for the 3- or 34-language lifetime accounts.


If you are committed to and serious about learning the Japanese language, you cannot go wrong with a lifetime JapanesePod101 Premium membership. You save loads of money in the long run, avoid making monthly payments, and you don’t need to stress over unused months you’re paying for. This is a great way for anyone looking to learn multiple languages to get unlimited life-long access to the most comprehensive language learning program out there.

If you are still not sold on a lifetime subscription, that’s okay! Sign up now for your free account at and choose the $1 Premium Subscription trial for one month. This will give you all the features you can expect from a lifetime JapanesePod101 membership at minimal cost and risk to you.

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