How To Get a ChineseClass101 Lifetime Premium Account

ChineseClass101 Lifetime Premium Account

If you have been considering learning to speak Chinese using ChineseClass101, now is a great time to start. This little-advertised Premium Lifetime Membership is now available to everyone and has the potential to save you up to 60% or even more over the duration of your subscription.

How to get a ChineseClass101 Lifetime Premium Account

Getting started on your lifetime Premium account is as easy as clicking the link below. As soon as you sign up, you will have immediate access to all of the ChineseClass101 Premium subscription features, including daily lessons, thousands of key words and phrases, and access on desktop, iOS and Android devices.

Cost of a ChineseClass101 Lifetime Premium Account

The cost for a ChineseClass101 Lifetime Premium account is $599. This one-time payment can save serious Chinese learners hundreds of dollars over the course of their studies. It also allows you to complete the courses at your own pace without feeling like you are wasting money if there are days or even months in which you cannot study.

Get a Lifetime Account for 1, 3 or the complete set of ALL 34 Languages

If you are undecided about which language is right for you or you plan to learn multiple languages over the coming years, you can take advantage of the three language lifetime Premium account option for $999. Or, maybe you could benefit from learning a little about multiple languages for business or travel reasons. There is also a $1,499 one-time payment for a lifetime subscription to all 34 languages offered by Innovative Languages. Some of the languages offered include Urdu, Indonesian, Thai, French and Dutch. These memberships give you the freedom of learning what you need or want to learn when you want to learn it.

ChineseClass101 Lifetime Premium Account Discount

Unfortunately, you will not find additional discounts for ChineseClass101’s Lifetime Premium memberships. However, some simple calculations can show you just how much money you will save by opting for a lifetime membership over monthly subscriptions. For example, should you choose to learn three different languages with the Premium monthly subscription at $25 per month, one year’s subscription at the regular price would cost you $900. For under $100 more, you can have those three language subscriptions for life.


ChineseClass101 is one of the most comprehensive programs available for learning to speak Chinese. For those who are seriously committed to learning and becoming fluent in this language, a lifetime Premium account could be the best way to save money long-term, while learning at your own pace.

If you’re not yet convinced to sign up for a lifetime Premium account, we recommend you try out our $1 month-long ChineseClass101 Premium trial. This will give you one month to utilize all the features available in the lifetime membership at a very minimal cost to you.

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