HindiPod101 Coupon Codes

HindiPod101 Coupon Code

There are so many great reasons to learn to speak the Hindi language, including the 322 million speakers worldwide. Overpriced language-learning programs should not deter anyone from achieving this goal. That’s why we’ve uncovered the following HindiPod101 coupon codes — from 30% to 77%, depending on what you’re looking for.


Discount Codes for HindiPod101

These HindiPod101 coupon and discount codes have been verified to work as of October, 2021.


30% Coupon for HindiPod101

Save up to $165, or 30% off a two-year subscription when you sign up with our link below. Keep in mind that your discount is already applied.

HindiPod101 Coupon 30


60% Coupon for HindiPod101

If you plan to make learning to speak Hindi a regular thing, you will love to hear about this little-known plan. Pay just a one-time fee and you can get access to HindiPod101 for life. This lifetime subscription plan can save up to 60% off regular rates when you use it for five years or more.

HindiPod101 Coupon 60


77% Coupon for HindiPod101

For those interested in learning more than one language over their lifetime, check out this other little-known plan. Again, you just pay once, and you are granted access to three language programs for life. If you use the programs for five years or more, you can save over 77% off regular rates.

HindiPod101 Coupon 77


Are These Coupon Codes Available Everywhere?

Yes, you can take advantage of these discounts as long as you are able to access the internet.


How to use the HindiPod101 Coupons

New Subscribers

1. Choose the discount above that best suits your needs.
2. Pick a subscription plan including Basic, Premium, or PremiumPLUS. More details on the plans are provided later.
3. Use MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or PayPal to set up your payment information.
4. Choose how long to subscribe. Keep in mind that longer subscriptions save more money overall.
5. Click the link in your email to verify your account and begin your studies.

Current Subscribers

1. Log into your existing HindiPod101 account and return to this page.
2. Choose one of the discounts to suit your needs.
3. Follow the steps to claim your discount.


Which Plan Should You Choose?


The Basic plan features:

• Complete access to the video and audio lesson library
• Quick, conversational lessons for travel or work
• Most inexpensive plan with access on computers, Android and iOS


The Premium plan features:

• Interactive lesson quizzes and detailed lesson notes
• Learning tools including flashcards, voice-recording, Hindi audio dictionary, and season words


The PremiumPLUS plan features:

• One-on-one learning
• Personalized assignments and learning plans
• Ongoing assessments

If you still can’t decide which plan to choose, sign up for Premium and your first month will only cost $1.


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